DJing School is in Session: Alesso Teaches Zac Efron How to DJ for Movie Role


Zac Efron Getting DJ Lessons From Alesso For Upcoming Film
About a week ago, news dropped that Zac Efron is set to star in an EDM-centric film, titledWe Are Your Friends. Max Joseph, from MTV’s “Catfish,” co-wrote the movie and is taking on directing duties. Inspired by his love of electronic music, Joseph noted that the plot revolves around a young DJ, played by Zac Efron, who’s trying to make it big in the Hollywood nightlife scene. Thankfully, it seems the art of DJ’ing is being treated seriously in the movie, as Alesso is mentoring the young actor in preparation for the role. A few days ago, the superstar DJ and producer tweeted a picture of himself and Efron, stating, “it was a pleasure to have you as my first DJ student.” While we are still hesitant in admitting any sort of excitement for this movie after taking into account the cast and the obviously cheesy branding of it, this is a fun little fact that adds the tiniest glimmer of hope. Maybe. We Are Your Friends hits theaters sometime in 2015.