Bestival’s Amnesty Bins Amass Stockpile $40,000 worth of Drugs


Bestival Festival Amassed Stockpile of Turned in Drugs Valuing Over $40,000
Just a few weeks ago, a full documentary featuring the ‘Bunk Police‘ surfaced on the inter-webs, igniting a new-found sense of awareness of the rampant misrepresentation when it comes to party drugs. As festival-goers and organizers alike reacted to the shocking truths documented in the video, organizers of the annual four-day music festival held in Isle of Wright, England, Bestival, took action, prompting attendees with a new optional step to the security process before entering the venue. Festival-organizers implemented the ‘amnesty bin’ concept, encouraging patrons to turn in their illicit substances at the entrance. The bins served as a last chance opportunity for festival-goers to anonymously part with their substances, without running the risk of being nailed with possession charges.

Turning out to be quite successful, Bestival’s amnesty bins amassed a stockpile of turned in drugs valuing over $40,000, while an additional $30,000 worth of drugs was seized by police. Overall, the four-day event saw a total of 63 drug offenses and 116 police-enforced drug stops, resulting in a reduced crime rate, down 12% from last year.

Via: The Guardian