Dillon Francis Teases New Moombahton Collaboration with Skrillex


If you scroll through some of the recent articles on our site, the names of these two fellas will pop up quite a bit. With Dilllon Francis frequently releasing new tunes from his forthcoming debut album and Skrillex preparing to drop his first Jack U track with Diplo, you can’t blame us for wanting to share the exciting news. Now, the guys have found their way into the news together, as Dillon previewed a tiny clip of an upcoming collaboration with Skrillex on his Snapchat. Although the two spent quite a bit of time on the road together during the duration of the Mothership tour, judging by the hilarious aftermovie, it is surprising to see that the two managed to get some work done.  The new tune, that the taco-loving producer refers to as “that moombahton shit”, is not set to be released on his album Money Sucks, Friends Rule, so we will have to wait patiently for some more little previews.