Electric Forest ‘Take Me Home’ Recap Will Leave You With Some Major FOMO


Electric Forest 'Take Me Home' Recap Will Leave You With Some Major FOMO

Insomniac produced Electric Forest, in Rothbury, Michigan isn’t your typical festival. It isn’t on a beach, or in a city, or on some random fairgrounds… it’s literally in a forest. Festival goers describe the vibe of the scene to be magical and uber positive. The video stresses not necessarily the world class DJ talent or stage production level, but the overall experience. One interviewee describes it as, “just a really happy place, I think it’s a little microcosm of what the world could be.” The 4-day festival is being advertised as a life changing experience, almost creating a burning man-esk feel. Festival attendees gush that you will always remember that time that you made the journey to Electric Forest, and you better believe that statement rings true.  With picturesque open fields complemented by a beautiful skyline of trees with trails, campgrounds, lakes, and of course, thousands of other concert goers and the best DJ’s in the world, you will definitely not be disappointed. The video does a fantastic job of encompassing all of this, and definitely makes us anxious for next year’s installment. ‘Take Me Home’ serves as a perfect fit for the feel of The Forest as well, with its reminiscing lyrics perfectly punctuating the intimacy of the event. Furthermore, as recently reported, Electric Forest will be staying at its magical location for another ten years, so even if you can’t make it out in 2015, you’ll have nine other opportunities!