Paul Oakenfold & Cassandra Fox – Touch Me (Beat Service Remix)


Touch Me

Armada Captivating, one of Armada’s newly rolled out sub-labels, is fresh off its first ever release ‘The Last of Us‘ from David Gravell, and they’re already back with release number two! Their second release comes in the form of a Beat Service remix of Paul Okenfold & Cassandra Fox’s ‘Touch Me’.

Beat Services take on ‘Touch Me’ is one with much more grunt than the original; leaning away from a slow flow and uplifting vibe, with greater vocal reverb and more organic instrumentation, this version brings the heat with that distinctive Armada Captivating “Trance 3.0” sound.┬áThe build up is drawn out for heightened anticipation, and the subsequent vocal cut at the first drop acts as the pull of the trigger that gets everyone’s feet off the ground and fists pumping. Beat Service’s remix of ‘Touch Me’ is out now on Beatport, and can be streamed below!

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