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Pornhub Erects a New Label, Pornhub Records

As far as major porn sites go, Pornhub is charting virgin territory into the music biz, launching a brand spanking new label: Pornhub Records.  The adult site claims they have “always seen a strong music presence from the beginning of Pornhub,” according to their PR and marketing director, Matthew Blake. Rapper Coolio was the first artist singed to Pornhub Records with many, many more to well… come.

“Artists upload their own stuff, like uncensored tracks and R-rated versions of songs. Some people come in and upload exclusive videos, so it creates a buzz for them.” -Matt Blake, Pornhub PR Director

In addition to erecting the all new label, Pornhub has announced a special contest to find the official anthem for Pornhub. “Celebrity” artists are being recruited to judge the contest, and the winner will receive $5,000 dollars to create their very own music video to be featured on Pornhub receives over 40 million views a day, with Coolio’s “Take it to the Hub” receiving 500,000 views in a week. The contest promises 500,000 views are also guaranteed for the winner. So far, submissions have come in across all genres BUT winning the contest will not guarantee a contract on Pornhub’s label.

“We’re looking for acts that aren’t necessarily porn-focused. We’re an ad-based network looking for content that appeals to our demographic. Mature lyrics for an adult audience; no boy bands or teen-pop, for instance.” -Corey Price, Pornhub Vice President

Think you have what it takes to be Pornhub’s newest starlet? Check out more info about the contest here.

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