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Rusko – Lytah

 Rusko - Lytah

 Rusko – Lytah

UK producer Rusko is one of the few legendary names that paved the way for dubstep’s insane surge in popularity just a few short years ago, garnering him the honor of being known as one of the forefathers of the bass music genre. His immense musical talent was essential to the genre’s rise, however as the sun began to set on the dubstep craze, Rusko has steadily and consistently made sure to boast his production prowess in genres other than the 2 step offshoot. Lytah is the first song released off his second EP of a three part EP series titled ! (all three EP’s will have 5 songs at 5 different tempos). “Lytah” is a smoothly made record that has a retro energy to it. It features a looped up tempo piano portion that gives the song its old school face accompanied by fun random vocals and zipping synth at the track’s climax. Anyone familiar with Rusko’s work knows that “Lytah’s” quality comes as no surprise and should only get fans more excited for the rest of the ! series.

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