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Tritonal Releases Breathtaking Track ‘Seraphic’ With Mr FijiWiji

Tritonal Releases Breathtaking Track

Tritonal vs. Mr FijiWiji – Seraphic

The American duo Tritonal are back with their third and final chapter of their hugely successful Metamorphic EP series, which also marks the landmark 200th release on the label, Enhanced Recordings. Metamorphic III EP includes ‘the tracks “Satellite’” featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn, ‘”Anchor’,” and the powerful down-tempo collaboration ‘Seraphic featuring Mr Fijiwiji. The EP really shines with the versatile track, “Seraphic”,” as it is the darkest track from the whole Metamorphic series and an absolute must hear. The track offers a beautiful contrast to the rest of the EP, not to mention is an all around breathtaking stand alone track. The piano melody introduction accompanied by heavy underlying bass and phantom-like female vocals really sets the tone for the rest of the song, as it is equally inviting and haunting.  The drop comes in subtly but packs a punch as it contrasts beautiful, airy tones with heart pounding bass and disjointed dubstep textures. Tritonal successfully performs a highly impressive balancing act between heavy, daunting sounds and gentle transcendence, making “Seraphic” a true piece of art, as it masterfully transports listeners into an emotionally bass driven dreamworld of sound, strings, piano, and vocals.

Give “Seraphic” a listen below and don’t forget to check out the rest of Metamorphic III EP here

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