Watch the Bunk Police Conduct Free Drug Tests for Festival-Goers


Watch the Bunk Police Conduct Free Drug Tests for Festival-Goers

Don’t be fooled by the name, the Bunk Police is not out to arrest you. In fact, founder Adam Auctor (a pseudonym for his real name), and his crew is out to help you. The Bunk Police is a free drug-testing organization trying to help festival-goers know what substances they’re really about to be consuming. The use of these drug tests help festival-goers know if what they’re taking is actually “Molly,” which is claimed to be pure MDMA, or something more dangerous, such as bath salts.

In an effort to create awareness on careful and proper drug use, the Bunk Police have released a one-hour long documentary titled “What’s In My Baggie?” to show what it is that they actually do. The documentary gives an in depth look on drug culture not just limited to drug use, but ineffective legal policies, evolution and growth, and of course safety and prevention. Viewers may be shocked to see just how often the substances they buy aren’t what they have been claimed to have been sold as.

“There are so many different psychoactive substances floating through our country that people don’t even realize how complicated things have gotten,” the narrator of the documentary explains. “We quickly discovered that the majority of the time, people were surprised to find that their bag of drugs was not what they had paid for.”

Well there you have it. The truth is that drug use is a very present reality in this culture. While drug use throughout festivals is somewhat inevitable, harm and death is not. And the Bunk Police is here to help you realize that. Check out the documentary below.