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Zedd Leads The Charge For Anti-Smoking Campaign

Zedd Leads The Charge For Anti-Smoking Campaign

Anti-Smoking campaigns have been scattered across the media for as long as most of our generation can remember. And so as media evolves, the marketing strategies made to educate the youth about the tremendous health risks the go along with smoking have likewise evolved exponentially.

The Real Cost has recently rallied its tenacious anti-smoking message around the banner of Zedd’s impeccable talent, as they charge forward to continue the education of the masses about the limitations the harmful act of smoking can put on your life. The main point of the advert that Zedd stresses so adamantly is the need to be yourself, from which smoking can lead you stray with its constant naggings and cravings.

This is an extremely important message for our generation, more so than any other generation before us. We are the first generation to fully know the impact of long-term smoking and the health effects it has, and will have, on us if it is allowed to take hold of our generation like it has others in the past. Watch the video below, and see how Zedd delivers this powerful message (and also watch him play a stunning acoustic version of his hit ‘Stay the Night’).

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