Back Home (Caribou Cover) – Feed Me


Back Home

Back Home (Caribou Cover) – Feed Me

Here’s a track we didn’t see coming. Sotto Voce label head, Feed Me, just released a brooding new cover of Caribou’s ‘Back Home’. The UK producer explains the motivation behind the tune in his own words one his Soundcloud: “I have loved Caribou’s music for a long time so I sang and produced this my own way for fun”.

Feed Me takes the fairly subdued Caribou original and churns out an even darker, minimal deep house tune. Gooch’s trademark burly synths are all ever-present, layered underneath a basic kick drum pattern that gives the tune some bounce. The synths continuously build into a chorus, which features Feed Me’s very own vocals from the original (though they now take the role of a sample).

It’s incredibly refreshing to see an artist like Feed Me take a risk musically, just for the love of another artist. Feed Me also links the listeners to Carbou’s album stating that he himself “recommends it.” We recommend you check out both Feed Me’s ‘Back Home’ and the original by clicking here.