Botnek – Grindhouse [Dim Mak]


Arguably the most pound-for-pound talented groups signed to Steve Aoki’s record label Dim Mak, Canadian electro duo Botnek’s recognition for well done records is long overdue. Whether it be their excellent first EPĀ Siracha & Beer from 2012, or their more well known remixes of “Animals” and “#SELFIE”, Botnek has wowed EDM buffs and mainstream dance music fans alike with a mastery of unique sounds that they continuously keep fresh and their own.

Grindhouse is a pounding electro track that has a dark vibe to get you in a hyped up Halloween spirit. The drop is click-tastic whirlwind of grinding vibrations backed up by a pounding 4/4 kick peppered with electric drum samples before coming into another wonderfully tense build. The back half of the song has an awesome cadence change into a heavy hitting trap breakdown to make this already really good tune that much more dynamic. Make sure to grab the single when it’s released on October 27th and trust us, keep an ear pointed toward the Montreal natives for more consistently good work in the future.