Christina Perri – Burning Gold (Addal Remix)

Christina Perri - Burning Gold (Addal Remix)Christina Perri – Burning Gold (Addal Remix)

Brimming with the superhuman power to create gut-wrenchingly passionate and brilliantly crisp music, Addal delivers again on his epithet of ‘creator of Emotional Music’ with a remix of Christina Perri’s ‘Burning Gold.‘ Like with all the female vocal gems Addal incorporates into his work,  Perri’s fosters an intimate connection with the listener, making it hard not to be entirely engulfed in the song. Playing off Perri’s more unique, lighthearted sound, Addal builds a blithe, almost tropical touch to German house in this ‘Burning Gold’ remix by incorporating ukelele strums and some pleasant ‘Oohing’ background vocals that obviously can only be sung by Hawaiian angels dancing on the beach.

From his recent release of ‘Chandelier’ to his eerily beautiful remix of “I See Fire,” Addal never fails to rouse an emotion with his song , and a different one with every song for that matter. Let yourself loose to the magician of feelings as Addal exposes a warmer, more lax tone with ‘Burning Gold’ in the midst of the approaching winter.