Afrojack on Deadmau5: “Your music rocks but you are a first class dick and backstabber”


Suffice to say… the week is not complete without a full-blown Deadmau5 twitter feud. This time, the Mau5 has set his sights on Afrojack and set his phasers to burn. It all started with a casual tweet from Deadmau5 about Ferraris…and Afrojack’s driving skills. Afrojack did not take too kindly to this and fired a retort of his own, telling Deadmau5 that he is a “hypocritical piece of shite.” This gave Deadmau5 all the fuel he needed to go on a trolling tirade with guns blazing against the Dutch DJ, including memes from horde members.  Afrojack responded to a few fan tweets trying to argue his side, but Deadmau5 just kept on going. We compiled the tweets below so you can see for yourself whether or not the Twitter beef really matters.
afrojack deadmau5