Experience “Pushing The Button” with Above & Beyond at ABGT100



If you know Above & Beyond, then you surely know about their ‘little’ live show affair that is “pushing the button.” In actuality, the ritual is far from little and for many Above & Beyond fans, being picked out by Tony, Paavo, and Jono to restart the track (and crowd) is a once in a lifetime opportunity that some can only dream of. Although not every fan will receive the opportunity to push the button, it doesn’t mean that we can’t live vicariously through those fortunate enough who have. The trance trio recently released a video from their massive Group Therapy 100 show from Madison Square Garden (ABGT100)  in which they made the dreams of two lucky fans a reality. This wasn’t just any Above & Beyond show though. This was ABGT 100, a monumental milestone for the group, and with all the hype behind their upcoming album We Are All We Need, it was only appropriate that Above & Beyond changed things up. While “Sun and Moon” has been the group’s mainstay track for pushing the button in the past, ABGT100 marked a new era for the trio as they instead used “Blue Sky Action” for the magical event. If there is one word to describe this video, it has to be ‘feels’. So many feels. Just take a look at the video for yourself, but be warned, it might be a little bit of an emotional ride.