Groove Cruise Releases Official Aftermovie (Los Angeles Edition)


There are few experiences, if any, that can rival that of the Groove Cruise, the world’s largest floating dance music festival. If you need any proof, just watch the recently released aftermovie for the Groove Cruise’s LA edition that took place a few weekends ago. From the dazzling deck parties, to the witty themed costumes, the aftermovie captures all of the unique and delightfully absurd moments one can only experience on a floating music festival. If you’re starting to get a major case of FOMO, don’t worry, the Groove Cruise’s Miami edition is ready to set sail come late January. Heading over to the Bahamas instead of LA’s Mexico destination, the Miami edition is a whole day longer than its west coast counterpart and will feature a lineup of over 50 artists. Even though it is months away, the Miami edition is sure to sell out quickly¬†so make sure to book now while you still have the chance. Use promo code EDMTunes¬†for $100 off!