Judge Judy Vs. A Raver Is All You Need To See To Make Your Day Better


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When looking at the day time TV schedule, it is often times difficult to find something to watch. Whether it is the never ending soap operas that fill the mid day slots or Dr.Phil, not being a real doctor, the options are quote horrible. But with the one bright spot shining through on a daily basis, Judge Judy has become a staple of mid-day television. Hearing probably the most random court cases known to man while racking in a cool 45 million a year, Judge Judith Sheindlin (her real name) came across a unique case that has caused some major laughs within the EDM community.

With a neon haired tattooed plaintiff taking the stand, hilarity quickly ensued when the question began by Judge Judy. When asked about here where about’s during the time of the issue at hand, Talina Apodoca (plaintiff) told Judge Judy she was at “Electric Daisy Carnival”. With the 72 year, New York Native, not to caught up on millennial terminology, the questions that followed clearly had nothing to do with the court case rather this new term “Rave” that the Judge had clearly never heard. The conversation goes as follows…”

“What is that?” asked Judy, of course.

“It’s a rave,” replied Apodoca like duh.

” WHAT?” yelled Judy.

“A rave.”

“A rave?”

Shortly after the back and forth between Ms.Apodoca and Judge Judy ended, the bailiff and the defendant stepped into to clarify what exactly a rave was. To the bailiff a rave is a “party” (which is partially correct) and to the defendant a rave is a “music festival”, combine both answers and you have the perfect response.

H/T: Gawker