Watch Skrillex’s ‘Lets Make A Spaceship’ Documentary


Lets Make A Spaceship
For those of you who had the opportunity to take a ride on the Mothership this year, you know how mesmerizing the experience is. Now, thanks to Red Bull, fans can get acquainted with some of the geniuses who helped put together the one of a kind live show.

Lets Make A Spaceship‘ allows viewers to come along for the journey as Skrillex and the gang prepare for their massive Coachella performance and the subsequent Mothership Tour’. While the documentary does include a lot of the behind the scenes footage, there is definitely no shortage of sweet live clips from various Skrillex shows over the years. Even when the focus is on the creation of the Mothership, it’s refreshing to see that Sonny is super involved with the process, which reminds us why he is one of the most dedicated and successful artists in the industry. Although you can now watch ‘Lets Make a Spaceship’ over and over again, if you’re anything like us, this film only makes you want to go out and experience the show yourself. Lucky for you, Skrillex’s fall tour is currently underway and you can grab your tickets here.

You can watch the video here, just make sure to press full screen, or head over to Red Bull TV’s site.

Photo via: Rukes