[PREMIERE] Nick Jonas – Jealous (Rooftop Boys Remix)


Nick Jonas - Jealous (Rooftop Boys Remix)

Nick Jonas – Jealous (Rooftop Boys Remix)

For those who are unaware of the Rooftop Boys, they are the talented sun-soaked duo who strive to bring their summer bass vibes year-round. The Hype Machine kings are off to a hot start and we are thrilled to premiere their official remix debut of ‘Jealous’ by Nick Jonas. The contagious commercial groove backed by a warm house structure blends together to create an imminent hit. The Rooftop Boys are able to breach through the cluttered frenzy of trending genres and simply provide their listeners with good music that is universally pleasing. This is their first remix on Island Records and certainly won’t be their last. With great productions and the right mindset, the Rooftop Boys are strutting along a golden path that leads to a shining future.