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Sound Remedy Feat. Evvy – Victory

Sound Remedy Feat. Evvy - Victory

Sound Remedy Feat. Evvy – Victory

Sound Remedy‘s latest track ‘Victory‘ was released on iTunes this past weekend and exudes a ubiquitously weekend feel. Featuring the bouncy vocal injections of Evvy, ‘Victory’ is yet another production that showcases Sound Remedy’s continuously unique sonic profile, which is constantly growing and evolving with each quality track he releases. ‘Victory’ kicks off with a funky beach-laden vibe, as the complex lead melody starts to weave deftly into the mix. Complimented by Evvy’s carefree yet captivating vocals, the song starts to pick up its melodic pace via a shot of electro-tinged breaks in the breakdown. Ultimately winding down with a flurry of beautifully complex synths, the track gives listeners a feel of what everyday life living in a beach city like Venice Beach may feel like…pure vibes. Oh, and for you producers out there…Sound Remedy has also made the tracks stems available via Dropbox for remixing purposes. Grab ’em here.

Sound Remedy feat. Evvy – Victory | Purchase

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