Watch This 5 Year Old Cover Madeon’s Renowned “Pop Culture”


A few year’s ago, wunderkind Madeon released a video that was titled “Pop Culture.” It was a live mash-up on his Novation Launchpad that featured 39 of his favorite songs. Little did he know that it would also became the video that sparked his exponential rise to success. Now, over 3 years and 26 million views later, a 5 year old child by the name of Ezra has come along to cover his own version of the Madeon classic. While little Ezra may not necessarily have all the skills of a veteran Madeon, he definitely knows what he’s doing on his launchpad and is certainly on his way. The young Ezra covers each part of the original, from beginning to end, with adorably intense focus, just check out that solo freestyle at 2:30! With skills like these at the age of 5, who knows what his future will entail?

H/T EDM Sauce