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Alex Aark & Méron feat. Gwen McCrae – Ain’t No Way (Original Mix)

Ain't No Way

Alex Aark & Méron feat. Gwen McCrae – Ain’t No Way (Original Mix)

Though Spinnin’ Records may have drawn some flack over the past year for its taste in its releases, they’ve continued to release hit after hit,  and banger after banger. The record label seems to have taken yet another turn to capitalize on the ever growing popular funk sound. Alex Aark & Méron have teamed up to bring you the newest Spinnin’ release, and its soul driven funk is just what we need.

Ain’t No Way‘ is an entirely modern take on the soul of the golden disco era. The slamming drums and bumping bass line compliment the soul-filled vocal chops and light-hearted synth lines just enough to complete a perfect anthem: with bits of house alongside bits of disco. Once the groove is layer down during the intro, the energy just slowly climbs as the melodic elements drift in and out in seamless fashion. Gwen McCrae’s vocal samples provide the hook of the tune that acts as the guide in front of the comings and goings of the tracks more programmed elements.

William Vance
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