High School Student Takes Mat Zo’s Car for a Joy Ride


Mat Zo

The life of a DJ is often played up to be a fast-paced, globe-trotting luxury experience these days. Videos of festival performances, packed clubs, and massive productions make it easy to fall into the false belief that our favorite producers live on a whole ‘nother level. But they all have lives outside their jobs too, just like all of us, and are consequently just as subject to some of life’s…less enjoyable scenarios. Theft kinda sorta sucks, and getting your car stolen is gonna put a downer on just about anyone’s day. Well guess what? Mat Zo just had his car taken for a spin by a high school kid. Well maybe not a joy ride, the car was found only one block away from his residence.


O boy, here we go.

At least he didn’t mess with the man’s radio.

But he sure did leave a mess.

BUT WAIT, there’s a twist to the story.

Mat Zo has an image of Jacob and his friends in the car. So the lesson for today, kids, is don’t steal things. Especially cars. Because it could be long to a famous DJ and you could find yourself the social media target of quite of a few followers.

Mat Zo