Re-Experience the Magic at Electric Zoo 2014 [Official After Movie]


For the past two years, Electric Zoo in New York has been the source of heartbreak for its attendees as the third day of the festival has been tragically cancelled due to luckless conditions. But traversing over the negative and excavating deep down for the ‘positive vibes’ the electronic music community swears by, it’s no secret that the festival was still a gleaming source of happiness, fun, and good music – the after movie speaks for itself.

Backdropping the beautiful silhouettes of dancing fiends, brilliant flashing lights, and DJs rocking the turntables, is EDX’s chilling summer anthem ‘Breathin.’ Not only does the track relay the perfect nostalgic feel, but also carries sentiment to EDX, as Electric Zoo was the first US festival he performed at in 2011.

The narrator tells a powerful story, that ‘This is our secret place…the music brings us here,’ weaving an eloquent poem-like narration throughout the video with breathtaking face front shots of Electric Zoo’s unique attendees. The message is clear and I couldn’t have said it any better than the last line of the video itself, “A heart beats in each of us, but together we make the beat that goes on.”