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Riff Raff’s Newest Goal is to be the Justin Bieber of Dance Music

On the surface level, Riff Raff may come off as a boisterous, caucasian version of Two Chainz. He has creeped into his niche corner of the rap game by laying down catchy and swaggerized lines about anything from neon shoes to bedazzled broads. But this niche pool of talent that the Houston rapper has established himself in has him set to dive into success.

On the Mad Decent Boat Party, Riff Raff had the chance to link up with some choice people to be inducted into his power circle. Most notably are names such as Kygo and manager Myles Shear, which started the rumors that Riff Raff will be joining under this same management (Golden Hare Management Group). With these big names backing him, he can drive full force into the EDM scene.

Billboard recently sat down with the Neon Icon, where they had a chance to shed some light on the upcoming dance endeavors. While many attribute Riff Raff as strictly a rap artist, this couldn’t be farther from the truth:

“I never claimed to be a gangster rapper or a hip-hop artist. I think that’s where people get confused and question my style, which they have never seen. The reality is that I’m the first and only EDM rapper to ever exist. I’m not a cross over artist, I wasn’t a pop artist at first or in a gang, and I was never in a group, I’m the first and only EDM rapper of all time.”

When asked about meeting the Golden Hare Management people upon the MDBP, Riff Raff had some interesting dreams and goals as he jumps into dance music:

“I meet these young crazy motivated dudes on the Mad Decent Boat Party, and they seemed to have more of a worldwide approach to music, rather than a USA target market. I want to be the EDM Justin Bieber.”

While he openly admits that he isn’t a DJ, at least yet, he claims that strictly the rap world isn’t quite what he’s into. With the EDM boom still in full swing, its obvious that DJs and club bookings is where the money is at. The only question is, does the EDM world really, and I mean REALLY, need its own Justin? I Belieb not…

Via Billboard

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