Seth Troxler Releases Rare Mixtape, Focusing on ‘Timeless Sound’


Listen to the new, smooth-ed out Seth Troxler mixtape

Seth Troxler has just released a brand new mixtape. but it might be a bit different than what you expect. Entitled “Rhythm Control“, Troxler attempts to, in his own words, “explore a slightly different sound than what people know me for in clubs, and create something that sounds timeless“. Delving into the indie, pop, disco and balearic genres, the tape picks up on its own groove.

Troxler “controls” all these “rhythms” with ease, starting with a brilliant Bruce Springsteen‘s “State Trooper” edit and slowly fading into slow jams and danceable disco tunes. Seth’s reasoning behind the smooth-ed out tape is commendable: “I’ve drawn inspiration from different places in time and different styles, and I saw this as a way for me to collect into one place all of those more eclectic influences that continue to inspire me.

Seems as if Seth Troxler is not dismissing the new wave of electronic music, or trying to change the world with this release, but instead is releasing a mix that is a bit less about rushing through a couple hot tracks and more of what he finds enjoyable. Listen to the mix below: