Deadmau5 Doesn’t Take Kindly to Scalpers and Creepers


You may have heard about the impending end of one of Canada’s most storied venues, the Guvernment. Not necessarily through morbid and hopeless news of its January 31st closing, but because of the epic series of shows they’ve lined up to celebrate 18 years of excellence; Cosmic Gate, Knife Party and Armin van Buuren will take to the decks and pack the gunpowder for the Guvernment’s final shebang, which will be detonated by none other than Toronto’s premiere producer and performer, Deadmau5.

As with any show of this significance, there will be scalpers. It’s a frustrating truth that became exceedingly clear during Kaskade‘s latest Redux Tour when he exposed – and really embarrassed – a young scalper through a video prank. So as somebody who really cares about his music, his shows, and a fair opportunity for fans to enjoy both of those things, Deadmau5 is openly warning folks about paying exorbitant prices for his show’s tickets.

Not only are scalpers getting under his skin, fans are getting a lil’ invasive. Joel just can’t seem to catch a break. Prior to a show in Uruguay, ‘mau5 was spotted dining out by a fan who was either too shy to say hello or simply has creepy tendencies; she’s apparently not particularly good at subtle stalking either because she tagged him in the tweeted picture.

To which he responded swiftly.

Long story short, treat your fellow fans and celebs with some respect. We’re all trying to enjoy ourselves when we’re going out to shows, they’re not for our physical profit, and our favorite artists deserve to be treated like normal people. Joel treats his fan base pretty darned well, so it’s just frustrating when others spoil the situation.

Photo Via: Rukes