Deadmau5 Returns To Soundcloud With ‘432,’ Opens Portal To Hell


Deadmau5 Returns To Soundcloud With '432'
Amidst a furious web¬†controversy between 432Hz and 440Hz sounds, and proponents of 432Hz claiming the specific frequency resonates with the ‘Heart Chakra’, repairs DNA, and restores both spiritual and mental health, the king of Twitter trolling,¬†Deadmau5 had to contribute his 2 cents with ‘432‘. Surprise, surprise…

Deadmau5 Returns To Soundcloud With '432'
If you aren’t familiar with Deadmau5 trolling, let’s just say Joel blasting a sine wave at 432Hz and uploading it to Soundcloud as a new track release isn’t too outlandish. The result is quite creepy and honestly a little disturbing as it gives off dark vibes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sheer sound of this track ‘opened up a portal to hell’ somewhere. Well, here it is ladies and gents, Deadmau5’s latest work ‘432.’ Check it out below, and feel free to drop your thoughts on the whole 432 v. 440 conversation!