Deorro’s ‘Five Hours’ Receives An Impressive Future-Bass Remix


Deorro – Five Hours (Empia Remix)

Surely one of electronic music fans’ all-time favorites, Deorro’s infamous “Five Hours” is one of those songs that we could argue is good enough to just be left untouched. But Aussie producers like Just A Gent and their darn touch of delectable, surreal whimsy proves me wrong, just as producer Empia – pronounced empire with some swag – does with his rendition of “Five Hours.” Though incorporating the iconic, pulsating build of the original behind a fresh set of vocals from DyCy, coincidentally the vocalist featured on numerous Deorro tracks such as “Fire” and “Voodoo,” Empia achieves an incredibly unique track which induces the nostalgic excitement of hearing “Five Hours,” while blanketing listeners with an originally emotive drop; a powerful and dangerous combination of emotions that will have you craving for more by the end of the first listen. A pioneer of idiosyncratic sounds, and the visionary of a mesmerizing blend of melodic house trap, Empia exudes an refreshing ingenuity not only in this remix, but many of his songs. Check out the song below, and contribute a <3 on Hype Machine to show your support.