PSA: ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Cocaine Making the Rounds in Amsterdam


'Extremely Dangerous' Cocaine Making the Rounds in Amsterdam
Officials in the Dutch government have issued an urgent message, specifically targeted at tourists, to be wary of an ‘extremely dangerous’ batch of cocaine that has since been identified as white heroin. Sometimes made available in its freebase form, characterized as having the sheen of a matte-white powder, white heroin can easily be mistaken for cocaine, and has recently been identified as the cause of death of three tourists in the Amsterdam area. Several more tourists were subsequently hospitalized with life-threatening conditions after using the said substance. With Time Warp NL 2014 approaching this weekend, visitors and locals alike are being urged to stay away from street dealers. Representatives from Unity NL  (an alcohol and drug information organization) will be on call this weekend at Time Warp along with ambulances, as a necessary precaution. Check out the official informational flyer released by the GGD Amsterdam Public Health Service below: