Gil Glaze Breaks It Down With A Combination of Deep House Elements in New Single


Gil Glaze – Jellyfish

The vast world of electronic dance music spans all seven continents and all five major oceans, combining planet earth into one big sound wave. But with the breakdown of music going far behind just one basic sound, up-and-comer, Gil Glaze is here to prove how can we push the limits of sound in the proper direction.

With his first track off of his label, Breeze Records, titled “Jellyfish”, this unique aquatic anthem is the perfect way to cap off his biggest year to date. A little over a year in the making, “Jellyfish” combines elements of deep house mixed with a distinct progressive tempo, taking its listeners on a underwater journey.

With new tracks on the way and stops at Marquee Las Vegas, Marquee New York, and LIV MIAMI, already booked, the month of January is set to take the Swiss based DJ to the next level! With a full length preview below, “Jellyfish”, is just one of the reasons why, Gil Glazes stock is on the rise as we make our way into the new year!