Kygo Continues to Lead the Tropical House Charge With Debut Original, ‘Firestone’


Kygo Unleashes First Original: 'Firestone'

Kygo – Firestone featuring Conrad

Norway’s tropical house super star, Kygo, has released his debut original ‘Firestone’. The single was previewed on Kygo’s Facebook page with a video highlighting his Endless Summer tour that closed out with sold out shows in L.A. and New York, incorporates vocals from Australian vocalist, Conrad, was released as a Spotify exclusive.

‘Firestone’ is a warm, melodic track that could not be more welcome with the onset of winter. In typical Kygo fashion, ‘Firestone’ is a tribute to all that makes us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. The tropical mallet laden track is chalk full of soft vocals and cheery snaps that lay the structure for the swelling plucky melody that crescendos between Conrad’s on-point vocals. The debut single is a staple single that joins the growing ranks of lovable Kygo remixes with artists like Marvin Gaye and Ed Sheeran. It certainly seems like the future of EDM is bright, tropical, and comes courtesy of Norway’s ever-growing superstar. Purchase it here.