Listen to Avicii’s Manager, Ash Pournouri’s, Personally Curated Playlist on Spotify


Listen to Avicii's Manager, Ash Pournouri's, Personally Curated Playlist on Spotify


Ash Pournouri is the original power player in the dance music wave that hit markets 5 years ago. The man behind the monumental, gigantic, influential, Avicii, Ash wrote the book on success on the business side of the EDM phenomenon. Taste maker, talent finder, marketing whiz, there is little Ash can’t make happen in music these days, and the accomplishments of his At Night Management team prove that day in, day out. He’s been interviewed countless times, spoken on dozens of panels and conferences, and so we think we have┬ácome to know him quite well as a public figure. However, no interview, conference, or bio is going to dive into a person’s life story as much as their music selection will, and that’s exactly what we have here: a playlist curated by Ash himself, as part of My Moments series on Spotify.

Armed with an eclectic collection of dance hits, soulful jams, rap, and a handful of rock ballads, Ash’s moments shine a light into the mind of a master of his craft. From A$AP Rocky’s ‘F*Ckin Problems’, Imagine Dragons’ ‘It’s Time’, to some Jamie Woon and Incubus, there’s a little bit for everyone here. Take a peak at the above link, and stay tuned for even more Moments from At Night and their future collaborators.