Stereosonic Wants Nothing to Do with “Roided-up Bro Culture”


We are sure by now, the large majority of you have seen the videos from Stereosonic of the large scale brawl that took place just a few weeks ago (if not, you may wanna check it out). As the video made its way around the world, the festival has sort of fell into a less-than-pleasant light, since a man was knocked out cold while Showtek played in the background (not exactly the image you want your festival to have).

Yesterday morning the internet practically exploded when Stereosonic co-founder, Frank Cotela, took to Facebook to voice his opinion on how he felt about the so called “Muscle Culture” that exists in Australia:

“Why don’t they get it… Everyone is over The Roid up Bro’s muscle culture, can’t they just see that they are a laughing stock… Brother EVERYONE is laughing at your Shorts, singlets, fake tans, bumbags and cartoon shaped bodies … but more importantly we are sick of the charged up violence you bring… time for a change! – If it means that we will profile you at entry point and stop you entering – you will be stopped! 40 dumb khunts are not going to spoil a great day enjoyed by thousands!”

With such a strong comment coming from a co-founders of one of the largest festivals in Australia, it will be interesting to see how festivals there and abroad react and if they try to implement any new policies to help prevent this sort of behavior.

Photo via Stereosonic, Rukes: Facebook