tyDi’s New EP Lives Up to Its Name with Promise to Fund Children’s Education



Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean the world couldn’t still use some serious Christmas cheer. tyDi, one of Australia’s premiere trance and progressive producers, has taken on a mission that would make any grinch smile and feel warm n’ fuzzy inside. He released an EP just before Christmas called, The Promise, with 5 beautiful tracks and a number of supporting artists. Ready SetAudrey Gallagher, Dennis Shepherd, and Jennifer Renne donated their time to help produce this collection of tracks to ensure the music is a beautiful as the mission behind them.

The Promise was produced without any financial help from any label, and tyDi won’t be making the money back from its sales. This EP is specially named this way because he’s made a commendable promise to donate all the sales proceeds to Pencils of Promise, in an effort to change the lives of children in the developing world through the construction of schools and the gift of a priceless education. He’s set a goal of $10,000 and you can donate through POP’s site or purchase via iTunes; if you’re feeling doubly gracious, or just received some extra X-Mas cash, you can buy the EP and donate. You can help tyDi fulfill his promise at the links provided, as well as read up on his full message below.

tyDi – The Promise EP | Donate | iTunes

“We all know that music changes people’s lives, usually in the ‘poetic’ sense. But this Christmas I want to see my music change lives quite literally.

Dear fans, friends and anyone with a passion for music – I’d like to introduce you to ‘The Promise’ EP, this is a brand new project of mine designed to turn our love of music into something that can actually make a difference in people’s lives. You might have heard me use the saying ’somebody can’t do everything, but everybody can do something’ – Well this is my ‘something’, and it can be yours too!

Three weeks ago I came up with an idea; to write, produce, engineer and release an entirely NEW EP of songs without any financial support of a record label. Then release it to the world before Christmas – and instead of asking you to pay me for it, I’m asking you to donate the money to Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization that builds schools and implements education programs in the developing world.

Not only is this an EP just from me, it’s featuring some of the most incredibly talented people I know! I was backed up by ‘The Ready Set’, someone who has sold colossal amounts of records and smashed top 40 American charts with radio hits. Multi-Platinum singer / songwriter Melanie Fontana, trance music star Audrey Gallagher, Jennifer Rene who you’ll know from my song ‘Carry You’ on my ReDefined album. Everyone who I just mentioned DONATED their time and creativity for free because they truly believed in the cause.

PLEASE, I’m literally BEGGING you here – TELL YOUR FRIENDS, SHARE THIS, like it, play it, support it and most importantly BUY IT. You can hear all my other music on youtube for free, but please buy this one. I don’t make any money from this project, every single cent will be donated to Pencils of Promise. If you love these songs, show two friends and ask them to spread the word to two more friends. If you’re a lover of EDM, electronica, (music in general actually), if you’re in a group like the ‘TranceFamily’ or just want to do your part to help humanity then together we can do this.

You can purchase the EP here: and all proceeds will benefit Pencils of Promise and their Season of Promise campaign to build schools in Ghana this holiday season. You can also donate more than the purchase of the EP directly to this page, any donation makes a huge difference!

THANK YOU for your love and support, but more importantly, THANK YOU for caring about the lives of people who need our help. You have no idea how much I appreciate you.


tyDi <3″