Bassnectar Puts Signature Spin On Joker’s ‘Midnight’ [Music Video]



Joker – Midnight (Bassnectar Remix)

Although this remix has been out since December 8th on Joker‘s label Kapsize, it wasn’t until yesterday that Bassnectar‘s “Midnight” remix was unleashed to the world of Soundcloud for bassheads to enjoy. Bassnectar took to Facebook yesterday to announce this ‘new’ remix and accompanied the post with a link to a music video, which is directed by David Dutton. The video itself is a work of art, as it features Atomic Mari, an incredibly gifted ballet dancer. Originally intended as an art collaboration between the two, the video was edited to pair quite perfectly with the track.

This “Midnight” remix airs more on the side of an edit, but the added touches that Bassnectar sprinkles in gives this rendition a much bigger feel than the original. From its subdued and dramatic introduction to its explosive and full-bodied drop, this song is a feel-good, well-rounded piece of music that utilizes trap high-hats and melodic synths to get its message across. With an equally creative and captivating music video, Bassnectar’s “Midnight” remix, which you can purchase here, is an infectious and surprisingly heart warming track.