Coachella’s Exclusive Neon Carnival Party Heads to Superbowl XLIX


Brent Bolthouse’s Neon Carnival is heading to Phoenix, Arizona to celebrate Superbowl XLIX. Birthed in Indio, California, the exclusive (and invite-only) party is held alongside Coachella and plays host to celebrities and music industry VIPs. Guests enjoy over the top entertainment, carnivals rides, cocktails and music. In the past, creator and producer, Bolthouse, expressed interest in moving the event to a different venue, like Governors’s Ball or Outsidelands.

This year that dreams come true as Neon Carnival joins other parties, hosted by the likes of Playboy and DIRECTV, in Phoenix on Friday night to celebrate the biggest game of the year. This is Neon Carnival’s first time taking place outside of its birth place of Indio. In a press release, Bolthouse exclaimed, “We’ve been trying for years, by some miracle it all came together,” referring to the challenges he faced in bringing the party to other cities.