Euphoria Festival Announces Pretty Lights, Adventure Club, STS9, and More


Euphoria festival

Having teased a headline performance from Pretty Lights early on this month, Euphoria Fest hailing in Austin, Texas announced a large chunk of their lineup to show on the weekend of April 10. Featuring local Austin, “electro-dance soul rock” group Ghostland Observatory alongside the infamous light show wizard Derek Vincent Smith, Euphoria Fest is a boutique music festival with no restrictive ties to any major music corporations, just spreading the vibes of good music, good fun, and good community.

Not called the “Live Music Capital of the World” for nothing, Austin’s free-spirited nature is imbued in the festival, showcasing a diverse array of artists including melodic dubstep group Adventure Club to jam bands and trap fusion duo Kill Them With Colour. Euphoria may not have been on your radar alongside the usual festival behemoths like Ultra, EDC, and TomorrowWorld, but if you’re looking for a more chill and intimate experience, this may be your perfect option. Three-day passes start at $119 with an optional add-on for camping, and you can score them here today.