Hardwell Releases “Eclipse” Intro Track as Album Pre-Order Bonus


Hardwell Releases
Have you been to a Hardwell set between Ultra 2014 and now? If so, then you have heard this mesmerizing track as either his intro or one of the highlights of his set. As many of you know Hardwell is promoting his upcoming debut album, United We Are, and has been relatively tight lipped about the tracks on it. While Robbert has released Young Again as an official single, no other new album tracks have been officially previewed or released until now.

Today, Hardwell announced that Eclipse would be available as a bonus download for those who pre-order his album. Originally known as Titan in the online fan community, Eclipse is one of the most anticipated tracks from United We Are. Combining an orchestral intro with an epic build and banging electro drop, Eclipse has been the perfect track to set the tone for Hardwell’s live shows and debut album. Be sure to pre-order United We Are,which drops on January 23rd, and check out the album edit of the track below!