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Infected Mushroom Releases Greatest Hits Style Compilation


Friends on Mushrooms (Delux Edition)

Infected Mushroom has been developing their own electronic genre ever since their humble beginnings back in 1996. Complete with hypnotic arrangements, complex layered melodies and synthetic rhythms, better known as “Psychedelic Trance,” this Israeli electronic duo has continued to turn heads, wow music lovers and drop undeniably unique beats for almost two whole decades.

In their continuous quest to invent, experiment, create, re-arrange, flip-up, bend-over and twist-sideways while staying true to their trippy and psychedelic electronic roots, Infected Mushroom just released their latest album Friends on Mushrooms (Deluxe Edition). This 17 track release combines their three previous Friends on Mushrooms EPs, plus adding in two new exclusive original songs. From the uniquely tamer tracks like ‘Savant On Mushrooms’ and ‘Rise Up’ to the crisp, heart pounding beats of ‘The French’ and ‘Kafkaf’, Friends on Mushrooms (Deluxe Edition) is a clean repackaging of some of their greatest hard hitting, high-octane and psychedelic musical moments.

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