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Lady Bee – ‘Return of the Mack’ Ft. Rochelle (SNBRN Remix)

Lady Bee

Lady Bee –  ‘Return of the Mack’ Ft. Rochelle (SNBRN Remix)

While genres constantly change these days, so are the names you see on a daily basis. In the newest wave of familiar faces comes SNBRN, a California native, who’s stepping things up this year already. Starting with his free downloads and working his way towards official remixes of names like Dirty South and Melanie Martinez, this budding producer works hard at perfecting his craft.

SNBRN shows his ability to put a twist on a classic in this remix of ‘Return of the Mack’. While we are only getting a taste of the track, which will be available February 23rd, this preview leaves us wanting more. It starts off with a steady beat slowly bringing in the lyrics before bringing in a nice drop and steady bass line. Set to release on Spinnin’ Records, this remix is sure to hit home with its enticingly fresh beat. Be sure to stay tuned for more of SNBRN’s works, as he continues to bring a new light sound to the world of dance music.

Born and raised in the wonderful city of Miami, I have grown to love the EDM genre of music and the culture behind it.
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