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Mike Klash – Don’t Cry ft. Jay Scott


Mike Klash – Don’t Cry ft. Jay Scott

It’s officially started – the lineup extravaganza for this year’s upcoming festival season, and befitting of the occasion is producer Mike Klash‘s song “Don’t Cry” featuring Jay Scott. Obviously not an intentional means to alleviate the inevitable and devastating FOMO to ensue for music festival goers this summer, Klash’s song is nonetheless a pleasantly mellow song with a charming guitar track slightly reminiscent of Avicii’s “Addicted to You.”

Hailing from Transylvania, Klash hopes that this year will be the time of “reckoning for Transylvania’s worst kept secret since the Dracula,” and it seems like “Don’t Cry” is an appropriate track to get that ball rolling. Focusing on authentic instrumental sounds instead of heavy synths, Klash creates a natural groove that’s smooth on the ears and builds an effortless melodic flow. We’ll be on the watch for Klash to break through this year, but in the meanwhile, you can grab “Don’t Cry” on iTunes today!

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