Modestep Returns With “Snake” And A New Style [Free Download]


Modestep Returns With
Leading a loyal cult-following after 3 years of successful hits such as Sunlight and Feel Good, British group Modestep returned today for their first original release in more than a year with a new single Snake. The track exudes their routy adolescent style, but shies from the dubstep style that established them. Reminiscent of old Pendulum‘s style, Snake combines rock and drum-and-base into a new type of high-energy tune.

The song sprints through the full four minutes with their familiar drum-and-base style that fans have come to expect. Its rock vocals and Fidlar-esque guitar rifts indicate a new direction, towards head-banging rock and away from repetitive, wub-heavy dubstep. Yet not everything has changed. Like their previous hits, Modestep still sings their own vocals instead of using out-of-group features, in order to feel more like “a proper band” – their stated goal for 2015. Their forthcoming album will exhibit this style and more surprises. Stay tuned for Modestep’s next move, and snag a free download bellow.

Modestep – “Snake” | Download