Olivier Giacomotto’s “PostGalactic” EP is Dark Dive into Deep Space



Preceding a successful remix of Bambook, Mennie and Cari Golden’s ‘Slip Away’, Olivier Giacomotto is back at it with his newest release on Noir Music, Postgalactic EP. This Frenchman knows what’s up when it comes to the realm of deep house and this 4-track EP shows just how far down the rabbit hole he can go. It’s flagship track, ‘Bipolar Star’ is a perfect mix of dark synths, heavy kicks and a deep bass line that rides the track throughout. ‘Postgalactic’ is driven by a slowly building backdrop and eerie vocal loops, which gives it a fittingly otherworldly undertone. ‘Interplanetary’ takes on a more minimalist techno approach, with a pounding bassline and a simple percussion setup, while ‘Worldology’ is a much quirkier track, built upon futuristic blips and beeps, soothing long wave synths and airy vocalizing.

While each of the four tracks from the EP differs, they all share that common space theme, and familiar deep synth sounds. This fusion of minimalist techno and deep house with tech elements demonstrates the creative skill Giacomotto put into this EP (as he does with all his productions). You can sample the EP in the playlist below.