Snowglobe Should Be the NYE Festival on the Top of Your Bucketlist


Lake Tahoe, California’s Snowglobe Festival has seen some pretty extensive growth since it’s inaugural 2011 event. Fusing incredible music and a unique mountainous, winter-wonder-land atmosphere, Snowglobe stands as one of the most intimate and ‘charming’ New Years Eve events in the US. 2013 was a year to remember for sure,  but this 2014 edition was a sight to behold. Attendance has consistently grown from the 30,000+ attendees of 2011, and 2014 was the biggest yett; the sold-out three day extravaganza hosted huge live acts, most notably from Porter Robinson & Odesza, with Flume ringing in 2015 like a boss.

Looking at their recap video alone would prove just how far they’ve come, and it gives a glimpse at what we can expect in the future. And trust us, you can expect a lot. So let’s just take a moment, and take a look at what they’ve done.

First things first. We all know about Coachella’s famous Sahara tent. Sahara tent? Who needs the Sahara tent when you have the Sienna Tent.


The Sienna tent is where some of the most memorable magic goes down. ODESZA’s performance (as pictured above) was an excellent set of electronic pop fusion, with a warmth and ambiance capable of making you forget all about the cold.


While ODESZA took to the Sierra tent, Porter Robinson set the mainstage ablaze with an incredible live performance. This was his first “announced US festival where he’d be performing his live set,” and it didn’t disappoint. The live setup was refreshing to say the least, and provided a set with soundscapes unlike any other performance on the 2014 lineup. You can check out fan videos of it on YouTube to try and relive the #SNOWSTALGIA.


If the music wasn’t enough to warm folks up, Snowglobe has them covered with happy hour on drinks. A legitimate happy hour! It even ran all day long on day 3. We all know how event drinks can be substantially more expensive than what we want to pay, so having them priced down to more humane levels just shows a little bit more about how these guys are all about you and your experience – not the money.


Come to think of it, Snowglobe’s team isn’t just about providing you with the best experience possible, but the workers and artists as well. We don’t mean the DJs and musicians (because that should be a given at any fest), nah we’re talking about all the art installations and the hard working local artists behind them.

“Here at SGHQ, we’re committed to supporting the arts in every capacity — not just music.”


Be it cardboard decor from Cardboard Safari, a film project from Honora, or large scale installations like ‘Casita Roma’ (go read up on this traveling surrealist piece, it’s pretty impressive), they’ve got it all covered.

This three day event has something for everyone. It’s got the music, it’s got the natural backdrop and beautiful snow, the cheap alcohol, incredible art from local and traveling artists, and most importantly: the NYE countdown. Everyday is special, but Snowglobe benefits over numerous other events from having their last day on NYE, so you’re destined to leave with memories that will stay with you forever. As mentioned earlier, Flume kicked 2014 out the door and welcomed 2015 in with an insane set, and you can catch a glimpse of it on video – though it’s not really to the same affect as being there…obviously.

We gush about this event because it really is one of the most sincere and charming festivals out there. It’s not rooted with a long history, yet it’s managed to explode in popularity and quality in very short period of time. Artists weather the cold just as the crowd does, and there is a sense of a true community; for those three days, everyone dances and sings together in a real life snow-globe together. It’s a home away from home, and escape to a wonderland of music and friends. Which when you think about it, is exactly what the big league festivals like EDCLV and Tomorrowland (or World) are known for, and that’s exactly why we see Snowglobe doing nothing but becoming more and more successful as time goes on.

You can check out their recap videos on their YouTube channel, and check out their extensive photo gallery on Facebook, both of which we highly recommend you do. Nothing wrong with getting hype for NYE 2015 already!