Reappearance of Superman Drug Results in 4 Deaths in UK


Following drug incidents that threatened to close the doors of legendary London club FABRIC, drug-related tragedy has stricken the UK once again, as the notorious Superman-engraved pill that made the rounds in Scotland has reared its ugly head once more. Over this past holiday season, the pills described as red, with the Superman “S” emblem imprinted on them, took the lives of four: a 27 year old father of three, a 20 year old partygoer on NYE, a man found dead by his girlfriend in Telford, and another man reported dead by the Suffolk police department.

This dangerous boutique drug was said to contain the toxic chemical known as PMA, or methoxyamphetamine that is usually found in tablets labelled as MDMA. Although the PMA substance belongs in a family of drugs that produces stimulant and euphoric like effects, PMA itself behaves more like an anti-depressant. Officials all across Europe have ramped up efforts to get these pills off the streets, and are urging the public to hand them in at their local police station or any other accident/emergency department. This news has thrown a wrench in the works for institutions like FABRIC that are struggling to stay open, and raises the question of introducing free-drug test kits to festivals and clubs alike.