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Calvin Harris Lawyers Up After Naked Photos & Videos Begin To Surface

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Although Calvin Harris recently posed for Emporio Armani with just a pair of underwear on, there is a line he won’t cross when it comes to revealing photos. According to a report from TMZ, the superstar DJ has lawyered up after some naked pictures of him have started popping up. Several porn and media outlets have obtained the photos and Harris is willing to take anyone to court if they decide to post them. Apparently, the “Summer” producer has sent both pictures and videos to women and makes no effort to hide his face in the process. As terrible as this situation is, we doubt that these images will ever see the light of day considering the fact that Harris’ $66 million salary should help him find a decent legal team. Finally, for all you people out there wondering, one media outlet that has obtained some pics said that Calvin Harris has quite the package and that those Emporio Armani photos are most definitely genuine.

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