DJ Trading Cards? Who Would Have Thought…


DJ trading cards
Back in 1996, cards were still all the rage. Whether it was Pokémon, baseball, basketball, or ‘Magic the Gathering’ (…you get the picture) cards were hugely popular. Those were the most popular really. Recently a set of DJ based collector cards that eerily resemble those of it’s more popular counterparts have come to light.

At this stage in the game, DJs weren’t revered the way they are today. Making the dancefloor and the tunes they played out the center of attention, DJs formerly played in dark, secluded corners of whatever club they were booked; always keeping out of the limelight.

Seemingly, with the release of said cards, along with other nuances that had been occurring a few years prior, the image of the DJ was shifting. No longer were they hiding behind the dimly lit area where the turntables were setup but being revered as superstars; eerily similar of the coming of age of rock n’ roll.

Commisioned by the Berlin based label !K7, these trading cards were only intended for promotional use with Mr. C’s X-MIX: The Electronic Storm mix CD. Kevin Saunderson, Paul van Dyk and Laurent Garnier are among the 14 DJs sporting stats about their longest DJ set, average BPM, number of 12″ releases and tracks remixed up until the end of 1995 among other facts.

PvD Card

Laurent Garnier Card