Erick Morillo To Re-Launch Label At Avalon Hollywood During Unveiling of World’s Largest Subwoofer


The famed Avalon Hollywood venue is excited to present Erick Morillo and the re-launch of his cutting-edge label Subliminal Recordswith a spectacular show lined up featuring the deep-funky house specialist Patrick M and Morillo himself who will be spinning an extended all-night set on February 7th. With the 57th Annual Grammy Awards slated to occur a stone throws away at the Staples Center the following day, Los Angeles is undoubtedly going to be a bustling musical city this weekend. The Grammys also carries a certain ‘anything can happen’ vibe and Avalon Hollywood is no stranger to celebrity appearances, so be on the lookout for iconic artists such as P Diddy (close friend of Morillo), to possibly pop in.

In addition to Morillos’s highly anticipated homecoming, Avalon is also planning on unveiling its brand new toy, a bass-gushing 40-inch subwoofer, created by club founder and industry legend John Lyons in conjunction with EAW. Shattering the previous record of 21-inches, this unprecedented beast of a sub will be emitting some of the deepest vibes heard around the world and it is only appropriate that the house legend himself will be debuting such a system. So if you happen to be in town, enjoying all LA has to offer this Grammy weekend, don’t blow your chance to be part of history in the making at Avalon Hollywood on February 7th! If you haven’t already, grab your tickets HERE. Try not to show up without your DUBS earplugs either, cause you’d most likely be leaving with your ears ringing.