Hercules & Love Affair Remix Citizenn’s “Be”, and Make it Their Own


Hercules & Love Affair Remix Citizenn's
In the description section on Citizenn’s Soundcloud page reads “Electronic Music for the Mind. Body + Soul.” The original version of “Be” featuring S.Y.F. is the epitome of that statement. It has bass, body and style with loads of soul. Minimal enough for an opening set but packs enough of a groove-laden punch to be utilized later along in the night.

Cue Hercules & Love Affair. Their catalog of nu disco and house inspired records is not to be trifled with. Boasting three albums over five years, their ability to set themselves apart by having a rotating cast of musicians and singers has given them a huge leg to stand on with their popularity.

Starting out with a ghouly tone, the true face of the song emerges as an introduction of bold, piercing stabs, nestled underneath the lead vocals makes it’s way into the mix. Their signature sound is obviously evident in the funk that is present throughout contrary to the original where the focus lies on the darker bassline melody.

While no release date has been indicated as of now, both versions are primed for headphone listening or enjoyment on a club system near you.